Kendama Sunrise Performer 25 cm color


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The Kendama Sunrise is the same as the normal version of the Kendama Sunrise , only it is bigger.
It is made in the Netherlands and made from local wood.
Not only is the wood different, but the shape is also different from the other Kendamas.

The top is a bit smaller and the paint on the sphere is also slightly sticky.
Due to the somewhat sticky paint, it offers a little more grip and is suitable for various tricks.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Per Unit.

Ø 75 mm • Height: 24 cm • Width: 9.4 cm • Length of rope: 49.5 cm
Ball weight: 170 g • Handle weight: 160 g

Not suitable for children under 7 years old.
The product contains a cord and small parts.
Keep away from children under 36 months.

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