Mr. Babache juggling club Flash Mario Berousek – Silver


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Mr. Babache Flash Mario Berousek juggling cone is specially designed for speed juggling.
They are ideal for double, triple or even more spins at a low height.
They are also suitable for juggling with multiple cones.

This juggling cone was designed with the help of Mario Berousek.
Mario Berousek has a number of world records to his name.
Including 240x catching the cone with 5 cones at a height of 50 cm.
But also 735 rotations in one minute with 5 juggling cones.

The body is colored silver.
A wound handle colored silver.
Button and top are white.

Do you want to see what Mario Berousek can do?
Be sure to watch the video above!

Per Unit.

Length 50 cm • Weight 200 gr

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