Kosmos juggling club Supernova JS2 LED


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The Kosmos Supernova JS2 LED juggling cone is a gem to juggle in the dark.
The Kosmos Supernova JS2 has 23 programs, 8 presets and 15 programs that you can put together yourself. (the video explains how to do this)

The battery of this cone will last 3 – 6 hours, depending on the program you are using.
The juggling cone has 42 colors and 1500 color combinations.
Navigation of the programs is done by touching the body with the magnet that comes with it.

This juggling cone is suitable for advanced and professionals.

The body has 42 colors and 1500 combinations.
The wrapped handle has 42 colors and 1500 combinations.
Button and top are black.

Per Unit.

Length 48 cm • Weight 240 gr

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