Henrys juggling club Pirouette Volley with special foil green


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The Henrys juggling cone Pirouette Training Volley is a sturdy juggling cone with a special foil around it.
Like the other Pirouette juggling cones, it is suitable for multiple purposes.

The Pirouette volley juggling cone is also used for a cone game “Volley club”.
This volley juggling cone is used in the game to throw over the net.
Thanks to its brightly colored body, it is easily recognizable as the play cone.

You only need 1 volley cone for the game.

It has a short body but a long handle.

The body is colored with a stripe on it in a different color.
A wrapped handle with the same color as the body.
Button and top are white.

This cone is suitable for beginners, professionals and volleyball players.

Per Unit.

Length 52 cm • Weight 225 gr

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