Yoyofactory YOYO SPACE CADET – unresponsive professional YOYO made from aluminium


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The Space Cadet is uniquely designed to guide your finger to the right place. This allows the Space Cadet to keep rotating on your finger for a long time. The Space Cadet is made of Bimetal and has steel rims that provide perfect stability while it also has a precision machined aluminum body. It is recommended to buy extra strings. If you play a lot, there will be wear on your string, so that some tricks will not work as well anymore. Recommended for: Advanced Playing Style: 1A / 3A / 5A Shape: Butterfly Material: Bimetal Type: Unresponsive Weight: 65g Diameter: 56mm Width: 43.3mm Opening: 4.5mm Bearing: Size C Center Trac Response: CBC thin pad 19 mm

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