Yoyofactory YOYO SHUTTER – made in aluminum


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The Shutter is a metal yo-yo that was used by Gentry Stein to become a world champion.
It is fitted with a Center Trac ball bearing which makes this yo-yo play like a ‘high-end’ yo-yo.

It is made of 6061 aluminum.
Care has been taken in the making of this yo-yo to provide ideal weight distribution, power, speed and control during combination tricks.

It is recommended that you purchase additional strings.
If you play a lot, wear and tear will occur on your string, causing some tricks to become less successful.

Recommended for: Advanced
Performance Style: 1A / 3A / 5A
Shape: H Profile
Material: Aluminum
Type: Unresponsive
Weight: 67.8 g
Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 44.4 mm
Aperture: 4.8 mm
Bearing: Size C Center Trac
Response: CBC thin pad 19 mm

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