Yoyofactory YOYO ONE

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The One yo-yo from YoyoFactory is a great yo-yo for beginners and professionals. It comes standard with two different bearings. When you take it out of the box it has the half SPEC thin bearing on it, which is ideal for mastering the basics. The second lower is the SPEC lower, which turns your One yo-yo into an unresponsive yo-yo capable of performing the most difficult tricks. It is recommended to buy extra strings. If you play a lot, there will be wear on your string, so that some tricks will not work as well anymore. Recommended for: Beginner Playing Style: 1A / 3A / 5A Shape: Butterfly Material: Plastic Type: Responsive Weight: 58g Diameter: 52.7mm Width: 38mm Opening: 2.9mm Bearing: Size C Response: CBC thin pad 19 mm

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