Slackstar Family Set 2-part Slackline width band 35 mm


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The Slackstar basic Slackline 35mm is suitable for the more advanced who want to further improve his / her balance. You attach the 2 ends to a tree or a pole. It is best not to be too high for safety reasons. The Slackline has helped climbers, skiers, surfers and many more people improve their balance and reflexes. With a width of 35 mm, this Slackline is suitable for advanced users. The band has a stretch value of 8 – 10%. This allows you to do small jumps on it. Length: 15 m long with protected fastening loops. Width: 35 mm Belt tension ratchet length: 2 m long, strap fastening with protected mounting loop. Belt ratchet width: 35 mm Max. weight: 150 kg

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