Foooty pack travel – the travel football


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Foooty is the ball that fits in any pocket. With the Foooty are 2D elements you can build all kinds of 3D objects. You can easily make a football, rugby ball, juggling balls, and many more figures. Are you done playing football with the Foooty? Then you can take the ball apart and keep the 2D elements together with the included elastic. The Foooty provides a creative inspiration. With the Foooty you can combine endlessly. You can compare it with Lego, the 2D elements fit together with a click / slide system. This allows you to not only make play objects, but also, for example, an original lampshade. A craftsman can use this inspiration. The Foooty is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Foooty elements are made of 100% recyclable PP (polypropylene). PP or polypropylene is a very elastic but strong plastic. This allows you to rotate and fold the Foooty without breaking or stretching. Polypropylene is also odorless and has a high impact resistance. Safe to use for children and adults. Per Unit. Package contents: 10 Foooty elements, instruction booklet + elastic. Weight: 57 g Circus JOJO is the Foooty main distributor of Belgium.

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