Gora Fire Fly medium


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The Gora Fire Fly gives a fun fire effect in your show.
It is mainly made for dancers, but also works perfectly in a magic show.
The Fire Fly has a thin fire wick in the middle,
attached by a thin chain that is rolled up in a metal cage.
Attached to these metal roll cages is one leather finger holder on each side.
You can adjust these to the size of your finger using a screw.
Per piece.
Weight: 150 gr
Attention! The use of fire remains dangerous, safety is more important than the effects.
Use only suitable firewater as a liquid.
Never make the finger holder too tight. You must be able to get out quickly in case of emergency.
**The leather finger holder must never come into contact with the fire fluid.
If it does absorb liquid, do NOT use the firefly!**
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