Gora Fire Hula Hoop-light 5 pieces 700 gr


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The Gora fire hula hoop is a very light hoop, but very strong. This makes very nice flames and is easy to carry and use.

The ring comes as 5 separate parts that you can easily assemble by means of a click system.

This includes 5 fire torches with a steel wire rod. The flares’ rods are flexible, but they are not susceptible to falling.

The fire torches are twisted into the fire hula hoop with a threaded rod. So you can get used to this fire hula hoop perfectly without the torches on it.

The fire hula hoop is wrapped with black sticky tape for more control. It is also wrapped with silver mirror tape for a glitter effect.

Per piece (5 loose hula heap parts + 5 fire torches)

Weight: 700 gr

Attention! The use of fire remains dangerous, safety is more important than the effects.

Before use, always check that your fire torches are firmly attached to the hula hoop. Handle it carefully, if the screw thread is damaged it is no longer safe to use it. Never keep the fire hula hoop in a vertical position or towards the wind for a long time. Constant contact with fire can damage the hoola hoop.

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