Sundia Fire Diabolo with ball bearings


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The Sundia fire diabolo is made of solid metal. The diabolo has a beautiful design and a free ball bearing shaft. Thanks to the ball bearing shaft, the diabolo turns much faster, giving you more time to do a nice combination of trucks. You have to add your own kevlarl in the middle of the diabolo. You can also wrap Kevlar rope through the outer holes. This should make your diabolo more shock resistant. Per Unit. Ø 122 mm • Width: 142 mm • Weight: 424 gr (without Kevlar) Attention! The use of fire remains dangerous, safety is more important than the effects. Using a fire diabolo is unpredictable if it falls. Always make sure to use it in a safe environment. Shake the diabolo before use so that it does NOT drip again. The diabolo gets hot during use with fire, make sure you put it on a non-flammable surface after use.

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