Gora Fire diabolo kit


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The Gora fire diabolo kit consists of candlestick-like mounting parts. These are mounted on the diabolo. Diabolo not included.

Wet the kevlar with fire water, make sure that it does not drip when you light it (shake it beforehand).

If the diabolo burns, you must start playing immediately, if you wait too long, the flame will cause too much heat for the diabolo and it will melt.

Make sure to put out the flame when you stop.

This kit is suitable for the following diabolos:

– Mr. Babache Finesse

– Mr. Babache Tornado

– Mr. Babache Fascination

Attention! The use of fire remains dangerous, safety is more important than the effects.

Using a fire diabolo is unpredictable if it falls. Always make sure to use it in a safe environment. Shake the diabolo before use so that it does NOT drip again.

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