Henrys Diabolo Vision FREE: diabolo with ball bearing technic


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Henrys Diabolo Vision with ball bearing axe. Thanks to this special axe, the diabolo keeps turning for much longer and you can practice more difficult tricks.

This Diabolo Vision is produced by Henrys in Germany and has a good and wear-resistant shell.

Available in different colors.

– Diameter: 130 mm.

– Width: 135 mm.

– Weight: 250 grams.

Supplied without handsticks

A ball bearing diabolo has a shaft that can rotate in one direction. This “free axle” is sometimes also called “one way bearing” or “Free”.

After accelerating the diabolo, the shaft will turn itself, so that this does not slow down the diabolo.

The diabolo will therefore continue to run for much longer.

Circus JOJO recommends starting with a regular diabolo, so a diabolo with a fixed axle.

A diabolo with a free axis generally has more speed than a regular diabolo. As a result, the forces can also be much greater in the event of a fall and can therefore damage the diabolo more quickly.

After a while, a noise can also be heard by the ball bearing.

Note: most diabolos are standard without diabolo sticks or spare diabolo rope, these can be ordered separately.

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