Wobble 360 ° Press felt

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The Wobbel360 has a softer curve than the Wobbel original. Children who try the Wobbel360 are crazy about it. They like to balance while standing on it or sail a boat with it. When they are on, they can be easily rotated or do it yourself. They can also take on the laws of nature in game form. They can discover it with a ball or a car. When you turn the Wobbel360 over, it can serve as a stage, a ramp or just a seat. The adults can turn it around on their back or cross-legged, but it is also suitable for standing work. Then you do not stand still for a long time, but wobble and turn through your chores. For optimal use of the Wobbel360, it is best to use it on a smooth floor. The bottom is made of press felt and therefore it is not possible to turn on carpet or any other kind of soft floor. Ø 70 cm Made of FSC beech wood

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