Wobbel XL transparent varnished with felt

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The Wobbel XL original clear lacquered beech wood with felt means fun for all ages. For children, the Wobbel is a very mobile toy, when they turn the Wobbel around they also have a small step. For adults, the Wobbel is used as a Balanceboard for Yoga. The Wobbel offers the most grip on bare feet or with shoes. Never play with socks on this, this makes the Wobbel extra smooth. The Wobbel XL original clear lacquered with felt is suitable for the ages of 0m – 100y. The felt is EKO felt and approved with the CE mark. Advice length for your child on the Wobbel XL = 140 cm The Wobbel is designed for indoor use. Thanks to the felt on the bottom, it does not damage your parquet / floor. However, it is always recommended to have a surface under your Wobbel. The Wobbel is CE certified and has been tested for standing use. Other use of the Wobbel cannot guarantee a safety seal. The children should never stand or sit on the sides. The first time, do not leave them alone on the Wobbel but accompany them so that they can just get to the Wobbel. Multiple Wobbels are advised not to stack, but keep it on their side. It is recommended not to store the Wobbels near a heat source or in a humid environment. Dimensions: 115×40 cm

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