Play Perfect Hoop tube: diam 100 cm- 20 mm

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The ‘Perfect Hoop’ hula hoop 20 mm from Play is a good quality hula hoop. Due to its size of 100 cm, this hula hoop is easier to control. Designed for a dynamic style of hooping and breaks. The hula hoop reacts quickly around the wrist because the 20 mm is less flexible than the 16 mm. Recommended for beginners because of heavier weight. The ‘Perfect Hoop’ hula Hoop 20 mm from Play is easy to transport because you can fold it in half. The hula hoop is sent folded. As soon as you receive it, it is recommended to loosen the hula hoop so that it can return to its original shape. Once in its original state, it is better to leave it there for a while so that it regains its shape. It is also recommended to fold the hula hoop only for transport and to return it to its original shape as soon as you can.

Per Unit.

Ø 100

Tube thickness: 20 mm

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