Echo Glow Hoola Hoop – 84 Led


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The Echo Glow LED hula hoop has 84 bright RGB LED lights, each light can be controlled separately thanks to a 'high-tech control board'. This means that 300+ patterns are possible with the Echo Glow LED hula hoop! How do you control the hula hoop? The Echo Glow LED hula hoop is equipped with a handy remote control. The remote control is in contact with the hula hoop with an RF wireless connection. The nice thing about this remote control is that it does not have to be in line with the hula hoop like with an infrared remote control. You can easily hide the remote control in your outfit so you can change your functions without interrupting your trucks. The remote is smaller than a credit card, but a bit thicker. Also, someone outside the screen of your performance can check the remote control. The maximum distance for this is 50 m. What about the batteries of this hula hoop? The Echo Glow LED hula hoop has one replaceable rechargeable Li-ion battery. This is easy to charge with a USB cable. The hula hoop lasts about two hours on the most intensive settings and even longer on low energy settings. Is the LED hula hoop easy to transport? The Echo Glow LED hula hoop is easy to transport because you can fold it double. The hula hoop is sent folded. As soon as you receive it, it is recommended to loosen the hula hoop so that it can return to its original shape. Once in its original state, it is better to leave it there for a while so that it regains its shape. It is also recommended to fold the hula hoop only for transport and to return it to its original shape as soon as you can. What do I get when I order this LED hula hoop? Everything you need to use the hula hoop: 1x Echo glow LED hula hoop 1x USB battery charger 1x RF remote control 1x 1100 mAH rechargeable battery Ø Hula hoop: 95 cm Ø Hula hoop tube: 20 mm Number of LEDs: 84 Weight: 300 gr.

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