Welcome to our juggling club composer.

This is a tool where you can generate your own unique club online.

Here you have the options to adjust Henrys juggling clubs to your personal preference. Do you like a special combination or do you want a juggling attribute to match you outfit? You can assemble the clubs yourself.

Choose the type of the club, the colors of the knob, the handle, the tape, the body of the club and the top.

You will see the club appear on the Circus JOJO web shop.

Also the price is special:  it is the same as the standard juggling club of Henrys

Please note: check carefully before you send the order because this self-assembled club is made especially for you.

This means it can therefore not be returned.

These unique clubs are from German top quality and will be delivered after approximately 1 week.

Lots of personal juggling fun with this article!