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As soon as your repair is ready we will notify you by email.

This depends on which product it is. Once a repair is requested you will receive an estimated date.

No, the products are not always in stock. No, the products are not always in stock. But you can ask to be informed when the product is back in stock. It is also indicated per product if it is in stock or not.

As soon as your product arrives at Circus JOJO, we will let you know by way of a confirmation e-mail. Of course, this takes some processing time. Do you see, for example, on the site of the carrier that your package has been delivered to us, but you still have no mail? No worries. It will come as soon as the package is processed.


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Product: diabolo

We recommend the length equal to the distance from the ground up to chest or shoulder height.

  • The length also depends on personal preference.
  • In addition, the number of diabolos you intend to use at the same time plays a role: you would choose a longer string to use with multiple diabolos.

We recommend a medium diabolo, which is also not too light.

A very good diabolo is the Diabolo Spinner, designed and manufactured by Circus JOJO.

When your diabolo string breaks at the stick, this is probably because the top of the stick isn’t quite smooth. You can adjust this by using a soft piece of sandpaper to gently sand the top until it is smooth. By sometimes tying an extra knot at the ends of your string you can prevent friction from breaking your string. It may make your string a bit shorter, but you won’t notice much of a difference and, more importantly, your string will last much longer…

The Diabolo Spinner is a diabolo invented and designed by Circus JOJO.

It was designed in such a way that its weight makes it ideal for easy handling.

It weighs 230 grams. This is an ideal weight for novices and advanced users.

This diabolo is perfectly balanced, retains its shape, and does not wear.

The advantage here is that this diabolo can even be used on playgrounds.

This is a regional product: This diabolo is manufactured and assembled entirely in Belgium.

Circus JOJO has diabolo string from the Henrys brand. It has a thickness of 1.3 mm. This thickness is ideal to learn how to play with two diabolos. It’s also the right diameter for a diabolo with a wider bobbin. It’s available in the following colours: white, fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent orange.

A narrow bobbin offers more control and is easier for novices. A wide bobbin offers slightly less control, but is nicer for certain tricks.

A good diabolo, even with a narrow bobbin, won’t give you any problems when wrapping the string around the bobbin twice, allowing you to reach higher speeds.

A diabolo with a ball-bearing bobbin will keep spinning for longer than a diabolo with a fixed bobbin. This allows you to perform certain tricks that will be harder or even impossible with a fixed-bobbin diabolo. The downside is that certain tricks are no longer possible with a ball-bearing bobbin. A diabolo with a ball-bearing bobbin is not recommended for novices.

There are various types of diabolo sticks in existence.

For example: wooden, aluminium, carbon, or fibre sticks.

  • The wooden sticks are cheapest and are mainly intended for people who have just begun playing diabolo. These sticks are 37 cm in length.
  • The aluminium sticks are rather more sturdy, with hand grips for a better feel. It’s easier to grind your diabolo on the aluminium stick. We work with original brands such as Henrys, Mr. Babache and Play.
  • The carbon sticks are the lightweight ones, ideal for when you want to do tricks that involve letting go of your sticks, as well as when you want to play with multiple diabolos at once. Lightweight sticks are also an advantage when you want to keep on playing for long periods of time. We recommend the short, 35 cm hand sticks.
  • The fibre sticks are lightweight and flexible, which makes it easy to throw your diabolo high into the air. In other words, they bend a little. We generally recommend the short, 35 cm hand sticks.

Product: Jojo

It’s important to replace your strings in time. After a while (depending on how much you play), there will be ‘string tension’ on your yoyo string. This means it will be more difficult to control your tricks and playing will also become more difficult. You can play with the same string for a long time. But the more you play, the faster it’ll wear out. Professional players sometimes even replace their string every couple of hours. The strings will very rarely break, since they are made of polyester or 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

The ideal length for your yoyo string is when the yoyo just touches the ground when you hold your finger at the height of your navel when the string is on your finger. If the string is too long, you can cut it to the right length.

Never tighten a yoyo too much. If you tighten a yoyo too much, you could damage certain parts. You reach the right rigidity when you tighten it until you feel a resistance. It’s also best not to let your yoyo bump against any hard surfaces. If this happens, there is a good chance your yoyo will lose its balance or be heavily damaged.

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