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Circus JOJO is a company where the smiles of our customers and their customers are the main focus. Our company attaches great importance to good service and long-term customer relations. We are also specialists in our field. Circus JOJO was founded in 1993. We use these years of experience and knowledge of materials every day to offer our customers correct and high-quality products. Our products and circus materials immediately evoke ‘fun’, ‘experience’ and ‘fantasy’. We also apply these core values in our company by surprising you time and again with our extensive product range.


Everyone has the right to have fun, both in their professional and private lives. During childhood or adult life. Attractive, beautiful but above all solid and quality circus materials are often hard to find. At Circus JOJO we attach great importance to quality. The high quality standard is one of our core values. Our goal is to offer everyone, young or old, the possibility to play and work with high quality products, this was also our motivation to start our webshop.

Who are we?

Johan Simons

Johan Simons

Hello, I am Johan Simons, manager of Circus JOJO. Apart from the general management of Circus JOJO, I am responsible for the sales for stores. I received an education in circus arts at the Circus School of Brussels. Since 1993 I have been actively involved in Circus JOJO and we are still growing in our market. My hobbies are inline skating, juggling, skiing, photography and hiking in the mountains.

You can email me at johan@circusjojo.com.

Max - balancing mat


Max is the mascot of Circus JOJO. He is a monkey who masters all kinds of circus techniques. You will meet him regularly.

Photos by Jan Slangen.

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